Application to Participate in Sleep Study

Join many others from around the world in this exciting Sleep Quality Study!

First read the Sleep Study Brochure.

  • This study is about the cognitive neuroscience of sleep and examines sleep quality.
  • You make daily notes for 7 days about things like stress levels, times slept, etc - this only takes a few minutes!
  • You may achieve a greater insight into certain aspects of your sleeping patterns.
  • You may discover some ideas that could contribute to enhancing your sleep quality.
  • You will be given a copy of the final report if you successfully complete the study.

Applying to participate in a Sleep Study.

To: The Researcher/Trustee, Sleep Research, Main Road, Somerset West, South Africa, 7130

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I hereby apply to participate in this Sleep Study, give electronic informed consent to participate, and agree with the terms and conditions contained in the Sleep Study Brochure at: https://sleepresearch.co.za/sleep-study-brochure which I acknowledge having read and understood.

Now, review the entire form above, correct any mistakes, and if you would like to withdraw from the application, close this window. If you would like to continue, press Submit.